Stuffing My Sister's Turkey





Studio: Taboo Passions
Approximate Running Time: 00:16:01
Released: 2016

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Madisin, Freddie and Anastasia were all gathered on mom's bed watching a Thanksgiving holiday movie. While mom was preoccupied with her phone and the movie, Anastasia was busy teasing her older stepbrother. She could not get enough of her brother's cock. Mom left to check on the turkey and Anastasia grabbed the remote and turned on some porn. “Come on bro, you know you want me, she said as she started taking off her shirt and grabbing Freddie's cock. “Fine, but we have to hurry.” Freddie said as he thrust his cock deep in his stepsister's pussy. Anastasia bent over doggy style and Freddie pounded her tight wet cunt. They were so involved that they forgot about mom. When Madisin came back in the room she scolded them and made her son fuck his stepsister's pussy and stuff it like a turkey. Freddie fucked his stepsister's young pussy while his stepmom played with her clit and titties. After Freddie cums in Madisin's mouth, she shared it in a cum swap with Anastasia. “I think the turkey is ready,” Madisin said as she licked her lips.
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Cast & Stars: Stuffing My Sister's Turkey

Comments on Stuffing My Sister's Turkey

pharm6970 says:
loved it.

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