My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 18






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Angel Wicky is such a sexy girl, so I drag her into the bedroom to fulfill my fantasies with her. I quickly undress the little fabric that blocks my way, and I start kissing and caressing her. I soon find my way to her lovely pussy, and I start licking her with passion and a horny tongue. Little did I know that she was as horny for me, so she quickly responds and we are licking each other simultaneously on the bed. There is just heaven, and we both end our pussy love in a wonderful orgasm.

I am so horny for Angel Wicky’s sexy big ass. So I can’t wait to push my tongue between her ass cheeks and get a taste of her rose. She tastes so delicious, so I get really excited and even more horny by licking her ass! But Angel Wicky is so eager to taste mine as well. I am always horny for a moist tongue in my ass, and I can really feel the passion when she is licking my rose, and putting her tongue inside my asshole. It is simply orgasmic!

It is hot outside, and we are both super horny. So I fetch some bottles of oil, and I start pouring it over Daniella, while rubbing and caressing her body. Daniella pours the oil over me, and makes sure I am all oiled up. Then we start rubbing our bodies and pussies on the one another's oil soaked bodies until we both scream in orgasms.

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Cast & Stars: My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 18

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