The French Baguette Experience: Fetish Edition






Approximate Running Time: 01:51:51
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Released: 2020

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My girlfriend is the best! She knows exactly when I could use a little help so I could relax for a little bit! The other day I was coming back from another long day at work and she was waiting for me sipping on a drink only wearing a black body stocking. It didn't take long for me to forget all about that long day at work thanks to her amazing skills. She started touching herself and caressing her big natural tits to get me in the mood and it worked very very well! She started to suck my big French dick and one thing leading to another she was riding it in no time. She then ended up sucking me so good that i couldn't resist any longer and blew my big load all over her mouth!

My step sister was getting ready in the bathroom but I'm always horny... so I went to bug her and see what she's up to. I know she has to leave soon but I know she's got a little extra time and she's pretty much ready. It took a little convincing but I won and I'm gonna get some action! A nice footjob, it feels really really good! So good that I ended up coming all over her pretty feet!

My step sister broke up with her boyfriend, so that's the perfect opportunity for me to let her know my intentions. She's taking a nap right now but I don't care; I need her to get to work and empty my balls! It takes her a minute to wake up and get it together but eventually she comes to her senses and starts giving a handjob. She works like a wizard with her little hand and makes me a really happy step brother after blowing a big load all over her big tits!

Welcome to Penny Pax’s twisted mind with strange scenarios. Enjoy the ride! You’re part of a mission with a special spy who’s willing to do anything to get her mission completed!

Penny Pax is my step daughter and saying that she's a handful is an understatement. She's always out and about and never home working on her homework. Tonight she was supposed to be back hours ago but she's only coming home now. So I decided to wait for her and explain to her that it's not ok and I'm gonna tell her mom. She doesn't like the sound of that at all and ends up telling me why she's been out so late. She's been a little whore getting passed around by her friend. Apparently she didn't have enough dicks for the night and wanted to add her step dad to the list so I won't tell her mom. Let's just say that she was convincing enough for me to not say anything...

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Cast & Stars: The French Baguette Experience: Fetish Edition

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