Turning Twistys 4






Approximate Running Time: 02:39:44
Date Added:
Released: 2020

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Sexy Alex Coal and her pimp are at a fancy bar, but he’s acting like a barn animal! He’s upset with adorable Alex because she’s only given him half the money he’s expected. Incredible Molly Stewart rolls in like she owns the place (because she does) and when she overhears this asshole and Alex’s conversation, she knows she needs to do something. Petite Alex isn’t expecting to fall in love with a woman tonight but after Molly’s display of heroism… how could she resist?!

It may be date night, but Jade Baker’s boyfriend isn’t paying her much attention at all (in fact, he’s acting like he doesn’t even want to be with her). This kind of shitty behavior might ruin her night except that when her boyfriend takes a work call, it provides the perfect opportunity for genuine lesbian, sexy butch Karma Rx, to slide in and steal his girl. Karma knows exactly what a girl wants and if her loser boyfriend won’t give it to her, Karma sure will.

Sexy Scarlit Scandal arrives at Piper Cox’s hair salon with her fiancé. Scarlit’s fiancé doesn’t want a male hairdresser touching her, so he’s left her in adorable Piper’s hands instead. Little does he know, dark-haired Piper has other plans for long-legged Scarlit. In no time, horny Piper has Scarlit spread wide-open and is showing her how good a woman can make her cum. The two have to be sneaky though, Ebony Scarlit’s fiancé could come back any time and catch them!

Pink-haired Ashlee Joliet shows up at nerdy Jade Kush’s house to ‘study.’ Jade is a total goody-two-shoes and punky Ashlee is determined to shake things up! Busty Jade tries her best to make tall Ashlee concentrate but catches Ashlee looking at naked pictures of girls on her phone. Jade is shocked, she swears she’s never thought about girls in that way. Sexy Ashlee doesn’t buy it for a second and, in no time, has innocent Jade screaming her name!

Cute Chloe Cherry is taking private tennis lessons because she wants to impress a guy… turns out her instructor, a smoking-hot lesbian named Demi Sutra has other plans! Upon learning that Chloe is only taking lessons for some jerk, sexy Demi decides to cheer her up and shows Chloe what the word ‘fun’ really means!

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