Her First Time






Studio: Bang
Approximate Running Time: 02:50:48
Date Added: 2021-01-12
Released: 2018

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Tana Lea is from a small and conservative town in Texas, and she isn't satisfied with getting dicked down by her pastor. Her curiosity leads her online where she meets Val Dodds, a sexy cam model. They both make their pussies soaking wet during one-on-one sessions, and Val begs Tana to come meet her in person. Tana takes a train to a shady webcam warehouse where she loses her lesbian virginity as Val rubs her pussy and they cum over and over.

Gracie May Green is a down to earth girl who has a summer job at a cleaning agency. Her coworker cleans up crime scenes and does crime reenactments and has a freaky fetish he wants to explore with her. They get into a routine of trading blowjobs for film footage and she eventually cannot handle her horniness for his cock. She gets pounded out by his cock and rides him in her dirty sex debut on camera!

Jess Joli is a bartender at an Irish pub and her manager hooked her up with the chance to live out her ultimate fantasy of becoming a star in a porn film. She has a booty call sex rotation and likes to have kinky, hardcore sex with both guys and girls. This verified amateur gets fucked on camera for the first time ever!

Ana Foxx is a rule-breaking bad girl who is left home with her step brother while their parents are away on vacation. White guys are not normally her type, but she is horny and ready to try something new. Things heat up in the kitchen as she fucks her step brother's white cock for the first time in this double taboo!

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