King's Massage Parlor






Studio: Reality Kings
Approximate Running Time: 04:12:15
Date Added: 2021-01-11
Released: 2020

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Ladies and gentlemen, fans of Alyssia Kent Welcome back to King's Spa. We spend every second worshipping and fulfilling every physical desire and need of this wonderful woman - even if such requests include her baser needs. Let's massage. Let's soak. Everyone loves being pampered, but women like Alyssia want the full package. They want a servant to make every nerve tingle. Every. Nerve. And sometimes that takes a hot throbbing cock deep inside, massaging the muscles out of reach of traditional spas. Instead, you have to go to one fit for royalty and hardcore sex. Sensuality doesn't necessarily need to mean soft and slow...

Loyal fans of the captivating Liya Silver, I know you're out there. You're trying to collect all her scenes, creating a folder for this Russian goddess. Today we present you with a pure body worship massage scene, pampering every inch of her body with oil, taking our time to accentuate every curve, smile, and lithe limb. The King's Spa wanted to make Liya feel the same level of awe, pleasure, and desire that she instills in us. No gimmicks, no shocking story. You're here for Liya. And she's here for you.

Another beautiful day, another pampered goddess. Marilyn Crystal is ready to shine and glisten as the King's Spa coats her in liquid, letting fabric cling to every curve. But if you've been following along, there's one other thing these beautiful women want. Something they desire. Something they crave. But they deserve the proper environment where they won't be judged. Won't be shamed. They want to be pampered and fucked. Proper fucked. They want t scream and moan and shout because their pussy is throbbing with pleasure. Now, Marilyn, she's the perfect fit.

She's Kira Queen, and welcome back to King's Spa. The pampering, playful, judgment-free place to get your every wish and craving fulfilled. We massage, we drip, and we pound out those tough knots and deep pressure points. Kira, in particular, needs to relieve the stress of her day to day life. Instead, she wants nothing but Zen andů Well, it would be improper to say. Kira flows through our normal routine but She desires things to continue just slightly longer.

Welcome back to another edition of King's Spa, where our goal is to give the hottest talent in the industry the kind of attention and pampering they deserve. Today we have the absolutely stunning Luna Star on display. First, we soak her sheet in warm oil, having it cling to every part of her curvy Latina body. From her perky tits to her bubble butt, our technicians spend ample time massaging and kneading every sensitive area. We make sure Luna is dripping before fulfilling her other desires. Remember, at this spa, there are no limits. Luna's wishes are our commands. And they're followed to the letter without judgment.

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