Her Or Me






Studio: MissaX.com
Approximate Running Time: 01:37:02
Date Added: 2021-02-22
Released: 2021

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Mona and her stepdaughter, Brianne Blu, have been at odds for quite a while, and when daddy Chad White goes out of town for a work trip, their relationship gets even more heated. Mona has felt her stepdaughter's close relationship with Chad is a little off-putting, for example, Brianne is a grown woman and she insists on sitting on Chad's lap. She adores him, and he in return, dotes on her.

Chad finally pulls up and Brianne runs out into the driveway and jumps into his arms! Mona watches with folded arms. Chad cheerfully greets both of his girls and Mona is so overwhelmed that she leaves the room. Brianne laughs at Mona's jealousy and begs her stepdaddy to give her something to really be jealous about. She wriggles around on his lap and tries to kiss him. When Mona walks back in the room she is appalled at the sight.

Mona insists that Brianne behaves so badly that it is impossible to live with her. She's immature and needs structure and discipline. When Mona sees that Chad has an erection she is even more certain that Brianne needs to go to save their marriage. Chad insists that the erection is for Mona. "You turn me on, the way you pout like that," he tells her as she pouts even more. Chad makes love to his wife to let him know just how special she is to him, while a hidden Brianne peeks in with contempt.

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Cast & Stars: Her Or Me

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