Lesbian Sex 23






Studio: Girlfriends Films
Approximate Running Time: 03:02:59
Date Added: 2021-02-02
Released: 2021

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What happens when you put two beautiful lesbians up against each other? The results are incredible! Get ready for a real lesson in seduction as these gorgeous lesbians lure each other into wild, orgasmic lovemaking. The tension is thick and the passion is practically exploding out of the screen!
Clip 1 - 53 mins 51 secs

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Clip 2 - 47 mins 5 secs

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Comments on Lesbian Sex 23

DeepKisser1x says:
The last two scenes are great. Eva Long and Serene Siren are fantastic but we need more milfs. Book some new faces. There are many available.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
My fetish of lesbian dry humping in yoga pants has been non-existant in almost every GFF release since Secret Lesbian Diaries 9, which came out more than a year ago. Every release has been like a slow death, when I wait for weeks on end for one scene to just have at least 5 minutes of passionate dry humping. Why the fuck do they put 4 scenes almost an hour long in every movie, but NONE of the scenes include any dryhumping at all? Every scene these days is just "wear sexy clothes, and strip them off in the first 5-10 minutes". I know this is not a common fetish, but for fucks sake, at least include dry humping here and there. Another dissapointing release from GFF, I may never live to see a real dry humping scene at this point...
teejdee says:
Finally...I imagine casting and scheduling is no cake-walk these days. Cringe to accepting flat, formula lesbian scenes as new normal. This GF update is a winner. Wonder if I am only one that rates Serene and Macy as hottest scene?
fabfan says:
Scence with Mina Moon and Serene Siren is really beautiful....
fabfan says:
Mina Moon is great!! Want to see more of her in lesbian scences.
Ryzey14 says:
All-Stars Eva Long and Serene Siren always turn up the heat when they appear in GF Films scenes.
JimS says:
I agree, this was an improvement. I liked that 'Lesbian Sex' series has become storylines. Eva LongKylie Rocket scene hot...
1happyviewer says:
I agree, Eva is so sexy, have some extra jack lube on hand for her scenes.
feelhose says:
Eva Long scenes, esp scene one were much better than anything else recently produced. Hot. Nice seduction. Good acting.

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