Indecent Exposure






Studio: Pure Taboo
Approximate Running Time: 01:28:59
Date Added: 2021-04-06
Released: 2019

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Jane (Ella Knox) ​​went to consult with Dr. Bishop (Alex Jones) regarding her particular phobia, the fear of sex. Dr. Bishop assured her that this is exactly his area of ​​expertise, and he will do EVERYTHING in his power to help her. He wants to use the exposure therapy that will expose someone to what they fear the most, to demystifying the fear and thus removing it. She will need to have sex once more and face that fear, to achieve to overcome it.

A housemaid named Rosa (Valentina Nappi) arrives at the house and is surprised to be met by Trent (Charles Dera), upon arrival. Trent looks her up and down, seeing she's wearing very plain clothes. Trent tells her he wants her to strip naked and clean his house in the nude today. He then tells her that he just wants to help her and her family. Looking sad and humiliated, Rosa reluctantly says 'fine' and starts stripping out of her clothing.

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Cast & Stars: Indecent Exposure

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