Girl Girl Sex 330






Approximate Running Time: 01:58:50
Date Added: 2021-08-22
Released: 2021

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Danna and Giorgia are having a ball stretching and dancing in their matching yellow tracksuit bottoms and pastel tank tops. Their shared laughter melts into something more sensual when they squeeze bums, caress bare breasts, and indulge in deep tongue kisses. Danna runs her hand through Giorgia’s ringlets of curly hair and nibbles her nipples before they start energetically Tribbing in their underwear. They peel off their panties to find them covered in sticky girl cum, then stuff them into each other’s pussies, moaning as the delicate fabric enters their bodies. The girls continue scissoring fully nude, the sensation even more intense with direct contact between their fleshy vulvas. Moving into a hot 69, the girls gently lap into each other’s pussies, closing their eyes to focus on how good it feels while still pleasuring their partner. Giorgia then climbs atop Danna’s face and looks down adoringly, as she feels one finger, then two, slip deep inside her. Danna carefully studies Giorgia’s facial expressions, to make sure she’s getting everything she needs and looks overjoyed when her friend throws her head back with a blissful release. Standing in the nude, they embrace and sweetly rub their noses together.

Flo and Justina joyfully giggle as their stretching routine swiftly melts into a steamy makeout session. It doesn't take long for Flo to strip off her friend's comfy dress and pull down her panties, and her eyes light up as she spreads Justina's labia and admires the pinkness inside. Realizing that she is fully nude while Flo still has all her clothes on, Justina quickly rectifies that, and the girls share some intense Tribbing, making sure their clits rub directly against each other. Justina invites Flo to sit on her face and, as she savors the feeling of her friend's warm tongue swirling around her vulva, Flo wants to give pleasure as well. She creatively rubs her foot against Justina's pussy and between her breasts, which makes them both laugh, before they take turns passionately going down on each other. Fuzzy pubic hair is parted to allow for deep penetration with fingers, meaty labia glisten with saliva as they are gently tugged with mouths, as both girls flush pink with blissful orgasms, and rest in each other's arms.

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Cast & Stars: Girl Girl Sex 330

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