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Aiden Ashley has recently broken up with her now-ex boyfriend, Joe. She would just as soon not see Joe anymore, but there's a big problem: She has the hots for his roommate, Nathan Bronson. Nathan wants Aiden as much as she wants him, but he's certain that Joe would kill him if they fucked and he found out.

Whitney Wright is feeling horny in the morning, but fortunately for her, her boyfriend Will Pounder is resting in the bed. Decked out in a sweet little lingerie getup that highlights her lovely boobs and bottom, Whitney joins Will in bed. She awakens him with a kiss, then immediately begins working her way lower down Will's body.

Amateur cutie Ariela Donovan is eager for her date with Raul Costa. She takes her time getting herself all did up, from putting on her cute heels to choosing a dress that shows off her lovely boobs. The fluffy skirt hitches up for a nice peek at Ariela's ass and thong.

Blake Blossom is a tech interviewer who will do whatever it takes to get the scoop. Today, she's interviewing Tyler Nixon, who has been a bit catty with the details. Blake tries to give Tyler the chance to tell all the normal way, but when Tyler stays mum Blake goes for the deets in a different way. She starts unbuttoning her shirt to show off her nice cleavage a bit better. Leaning in, she strokes her hand across Tyler's leg and crotch.

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