Awakening Trip





Studio: AllHerLuv
Approximate Running Time: 02:15:49
Date Added: 2021-12-31
Released: 2021

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Poppy (Aiden Ashley), has welcomed her step-cousin, Chelsea (Emma Hix), to stay with her and her stepmom, Maggie (Joanna Angel), in the city. Chelsea's an innocent girl, she's been living in a small town and sheltered by her conservative family, and her step-cousin Poppy, is the complete opposite. Poppy welcomes her and encourages her to explore herself, adventure, and get out of her shell.

Chelsea welcomes the change. She can't wait to start her adult life in a city, the world is her oyster, and Poppy can be her guide. But first, a nap! It was such a long journey and a day of fun catching up with her beautiful cousin. Poppy lies down with her sweet step-cousin, she brushes a golden strand from her face. "Remember when we kissed way back?" Chelsea blushes, she had hoped that Poppy would forget about that, even though the experience wasn't a traumatic one, it was more embarrassing because of her inexperience. Chelsea knows she hasn't changed much from back then, even the burning feeling inside of her is the same. Chelsea's feels her nipples harden, her panties moisten, she looks into Poppy's soulful brown eyes, "yes, I remember."

Poppy (Aiden Ashley), and Chelsea (Emma Hix) have been exploring under the sheets more than the new city that Chelsea's moved into, not that Chelsea can complain. The girls were on the roof sunbathing when Poppy's step-mom Maggie (Joanna Angel) came home. It's been quite a while since Chelsea has seen Maggie, and although Maggie has always been the "cool step-aunt," she has never looked better, dare she even think, sexier. Maggie joins them on the roof and Chelsea sees Poppy's annoyance with Maggie rise. How could Chelsea be so annoyed with such a fun and cool parental-figure? From the looks of Maggie gazing at her step-daughter with melancholy eyes, it's clear she feels the same way.

It was later in the evening when Maggie caught Poppy alone. Poppy doesn't want her step-mom to steal Chelsea from her. Maggie insists that she's not the 'big bad wolf' that Poppy claims her to be. Chelsea pleads, "I don't want her to get used.. be gentle with her?" Maggie winks at Poppy, "aren't I always?" Maggie toys with a lock of Poppy's golden hair, "don't I always treat 'you' right?" Poppy's defenses weaken with Maggie's soft, maternal touches. Maggie kisses Poppy's pink, supple lips.

Have you ever felt an attraction to someone that you shouldn't? There's a tension in the air, seductive glances, casual touches, and breathing in the smell of her can drive you wild. It's been a little like that ever since Chelsea (Emma Hix) met Poppy's wild stepmom, Maggie (Joanna Angel). You see Maggie isn't like any parental-figure Chelsea has ever seen. She's older, sure, but she's young at heart, her body is just as tight as any of Chelsea's 18 year old friends, and the way she walks, talks, the way she feels just by granting her presence in a room feels a lot like 'please, fuck me.' As cool as it is to be around such a dynamic woman, it can also feel agonizing for a young, inexperienced woman like Chelsea.

Chelsea sits with Maggie on the sofa, alone, and for a moment she feels as if Maggie wants her too. Her heart begins to beat, her mind races, and suddenly she finds it very difficult to make casual conversation. Maggie discusses her relationship with her step-daughter and confessed, "we figure, sure.. but we fuck as hard as we fight." Chelsea looks at her in shock. "You must be disgusted with me," Maggie says as she casts her eyes downward. "Not at all." Maggie smiles with manipulative seduction, "want to know what it feels like?"

Poppy (Aiden Ashley) finds her innocent step-cousin, Chelsea (Emma Hix) looking up on happiness. "You didn't.. did you?!" Chelsea asks innocently, "what?" Poppy rolls her eyes, "you fucked the wicked witch didn't you?!" Chelsea knows Poppy's talking about her own sexpot stepmother, Maggie (Joanna Angel). How could anyone think that stunning woman is wicked? Although Poppy is often annoyed by her stepmom, she remarks that she has a wicked talented tongue! The two girls erupt in laughter when Maggie comes home. "You girls talking about me?" The girls look at each other knowingly. "I hope you have all nice things to say," she winks flirtatiously.

After mind-blowing sex between Maggie and Poppy, Chelsea closes her eyes and dreams about her situation. Isn't it funny how in just a few short weeks my life changed from night to day? I ran away from one family and into the arms of another. The stars work in mysterious ways and I can't wait to see what other pleasures they have in store for me.

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Cast & Stars: Awakening Trip

Comments on Awakening Trip

bigboss says:
Aiden Ashley steals the show! Such a hot body, amazing sex appeal, and her orgasms are mind blowing! Every woman dreams of cumming for her Joanna and Emma gladly oblige !

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