Studio: Vixen.com
Approximate Running Time: 03:21:44
Date Added: 2021-09-14
Released: 2021

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After spontaneously breaking off a long-term relationship, Jia thrusts herself at the world, ready to experience anything and everything it has to offer. Her first order of business - booking a one way ticket to the Maldives. Expecting some time to reflect and relax, Jia is instead met by the mysterious and refreshingly generous, Agatha. Emphasis on “generous”.

We catch up with Jia a year later living a swinger’s life on the azure coasts of Greece. Now in a relationship with the statuesque Little Dragon, Jia starts to get familiar feelings of stagnation. Knowing her part in their relationship has run its course, Jia seeks one last shared experience with Little Dragon in the arms of a wandering photographer.

The next stop of Jia’s erotic odyssey finds her in Paris, living a life of luxury and untethered inhibitions. After meeting her not “old friend” Manuel for some croissants and coitus, he asks her to show his latest fling, Sonya, around town. They hit it off - and then some. A combination of Manuel’s approach to past relationships and Sonya’s carefree lifestyle motivates Jia to tie up some loose ends.

Jia finds herself back where it all began - the Italian Alps at her ex-boyfriend Christian’s villa. After years of travelling the world, and melting away her subconscious naivete, Jia is ready to close the door on that chapter of her life - while opening a much more desired one.

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