Ink'd Pink





Studio: Devil's Film
Approximate Running Time: 01:57:07
Date Added: 2021-10-05
Released: 2021

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Vanessa Vega is walking down the street when she runs into her acquaintance Payton Preslee. Payton is in the process of looking for a new apartment. Vanessa, who lives in the neighborhood, mentions that there are some available units in her building. Maybe Payton would like to come check out her place? Payton happily agrees and the ladies head over to Vanessa's place. When they get to Vanessa's place and Payton looks around, she loves what she sees. Vanessa offers to give the building manager Payton's number. Payton is really grateful for Vanessa's help and decides to show Vanessa how much she appreciates treating her to some HOT sex!

Jessie Lee is at home when her friend Rocky Emerson comes over. Rocky comforts Jessie, who is devastated that her boyfriend cheated on her. Rocky suggests that they go out shopping to get Jessie's mind off of what happened. But Jessie doesn't feel like going out, instead asking Rocky if she would stay and cuddle with her. Rocky is happy to do what Jessie asks, and tenderly cuddles her friend. As they're cuddling, something occurs to Jessie and she asks Rocky why THEY never hook up anymore. Rocky chuckles, telling Jessie it's because she always seems to have a boyfriend. Jessie smiles, saying she's done with boyfriends for GOOD...and she REALLY misses Rocky. Rocky bites her lip as the two come together for a kiss. Rocky's ready to do whatever it takes to make her friend feel better!

Wild girls eat pussy better and whos more wild then Lily Lane and Lydia Black

Working hard isn't so bad when it ends with some pussy eating.

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