Mom's Helping Hand





Studio: Pure Taboo
Director: ,
Approximate Running Time: 01:35:46
Released: 2020

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Scene opens on 20-year-old Aaron (Codey Steele). He is in bed and opens his eyes after a night of slumber. Both of his arms are in slings and his head is wrapped in a bandage. He tries to reach for a nearby remote but he winces in agony and sighs angrily, looking sad and frustrated. He looks down at his lap and says 'nnnnh... not again... fuck...' We see his legs fumble uncomfortably under his sheets as he squirms around a bit - his face looks like he's trying hard to concentrate. We get the sense he may be trying to masturbate but he has to be careful moving his upper body. He tries to move his hands lower but it's clear he can't reach. In the midst of these attempts, his step-mom Ruth (Kit Mercer) arrives at the door and is about to pop in to say good morning. She notices what he's doing and watches for a moment in shock and a bit of sadness. He doesn't notice that she's there. Finally, Aaron gives up with a desperate moan of frustration. Ruth looks on, a sympathetic expression forming on her face.

Scene opens on Ava (Aryana Amatista) walking up to a front porch. She holds a bucket filled with cleaning supplies and looks nervous. She rings the doorbell. After a moment, Mr. Kane (Stirling Cooper) opens the door. They greet each other and introduce themselves. His unsmiling face looks severe. He looks Ava up and down before curtly inviting her in. Ava is there to interview for the position of Mr. Kane's housemaid. It is revealed that she is an immigrant supporting her family in her home country. He tells her that he will not report her if they can come to an arrangement. For the first time, Mr. Kane smiles a sickeningly malicious grin. Ava looks in his eyes with a fearful understanding.

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Cast & Stars: Mom's Helping Hand

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