Girl Girl Sex 335





Approximate Running Time: 02:20:33
Date Added: 2021-11-07
Released: 2021

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Candice and Pilar share a passionate foot fetish, and they can't wait to slip off their strappy sandals and explore it together. Their eyes sparkle with delight as bare feet are massaged, and little toes are sucked before being used to remove clothes and tease nipples. Pilar looks up with smoldering eyes, watching Candice tense up as a wave of pleasure washes over her. To repay Pilar, Candice ties up her feet and worships her pussy with long strokes of her tongue. Pilar draws her knees up and presses her face in to as she moans with orgasmic release. The girls indulge in more intense climaxes during face sitting and creative toe insertions, then curl up satisfied in each other's arms.

Daniela and Milana exchange their cute glasses and give each other a vision test before making out. They strip off their shirts and excitedly rub their nipples together, the tingly sensation making Daniela giggle with delight as her braces shine. When it's Milana's turn to be ravished, she opens her legs so Daniela can part her pink labia and plunge one finger deep inside. Milana whimpers and arches her back as she feels her climax coming, and both girls cuddle each other's breasts at the same time. They hold hands tight as their pussies melt together, building to blissful simultaneous orgasms. Deeply satisfied, Daniela and Milana throw their arms around each other and passionately kiss.

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