Too Chicken?





Studio: Girlsway
Director: , ,
Approximate Running Time: 01:37:36
Date Added: 2022-07-15
Released: 2022

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Kit Mercer comes down the stairs to remind her stepdaughter, Coco Lovelock, that she's supposed to go to the dentist today. It's an important appointment but Coco doesn't want to go because she's scared of going to the dentist. To help her build up some courage, Coco asks if Kit could give her a hug. Kit agrees and Coco rubs her face against Kit's lovely chest.

Haley Spades is surprised when her stepmom, Christie Stevens, comes home early from her date. Christie complains that her girlfriend dumped her because Haley is too flirty. She insists that Haley needs to learn boundaries. Confused and angry at the accusation, Haley claims that she's just being affectionate, the same way that Christie is to her.

Laney Grey and Natalia Nix are girlfriends, and their relationship seems to be going well... except that Laney still hasn't introduced Natalia to her stepmom, Kenzie Taylor. Natalia is a bit disappointed, asking if Laney thinks that she's not good enough to meet her stepmom. Laney is shocked and guilt-ridden so she finally agrees that they can all have dinner together.

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Comments on Too Chicken?

bigboss says:
Omg I want to worship coco ! She is young, hot, natural, and nasty ! Every woman needs to worship her
bigboss says:
Hayley and coco in the same film! Thank you porn god! I would love to devour coco lovecock !

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