Studio: AllHerLuv
Approximate Running Time: 02:24:04
Date Added: 2022-07-16
Released: 2021

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Lily (Larimar) is pacing around as Jessica (Ryan) is looking over her test. Lily was worried that she failed and would have to leave school but Jessica tells her that she passed. Jessica gets down next to her to reassure her and the a slow seduction begins as Jessica starts rubbing against her. This leads to some sensual kissing as the pair start to get undressed. Lily slowly masturbates for a bit as Jessica watches before dropping down to her knees o eat her our on the desk. Jessica continues to feast as Lily gets up on her knees on the desk as Jessica licks her ass. Jessica then gets comfortable on the couch as Lily takes her turn to finger and lick her while occasionally staring into her eyes. Lily takes her turn on the couch as Jessica fingers her hard as she grinds against her hand before they start to trib.

Barbara (Kylie Rocket) has been recommended for a special mentorship program by Charlotte, a teacher at her university. She arrives at another teacher's home and is greeted by Laney Grey, a prim and proper lady with an officious manner. Laney tells her a little about the program, but it remains mysterious -perhaps a cult? "There's a romantic aspect to it," Grey avers. At any rate, she interviews Barbara, a creative writing student, while emphasizing what a privilege it is to be chosen for such special education. "It makes me feel wanted and worshiped," Barbara says. Seated next to her on a couch, the teacher leans over and gives the student a long kiss. "I'm here to show me what you know," Laney says using an oddly ungrammatical expression ('you're here' would have made more sense) and Barbara starts unbuttoning her sweater. The ladies exchange passionate licking, both cunnilingus and rimming, fingering and each have vocal orgasms, putting on quite a show. It's obvious that Barbara has demonstrated she's ready for the program, but what's in store for her beyond what both refer to as "a romantic element?"

Barbara (Kylie Rocket) enters Miss Ariel's office. "How long have you been with us?" Ariel X asks. "It's almost three and a half months now," Barbara replies. The teacher praises her. "I hope you're following the safety protocols. You know weight lifting is as much about precision as it is pushing yourself," Ariel notes. Barbara responds, "I'm feeling more confident - I know my worth now." The older woman kisses her. "I have something for you, a birthday present. You don't turn 21 every day." Barbara finds a sequined pair of bra and panties in the bag, and Ariel helps her try them on. "We treat our girls very well here." "Have you tried out any of our teachings?" Ariel inquires. "Yes, I seduced another student. I want to show you all the things I have learned," Barbara says. They kiss and begin to make passionate love standing up, helping each other undress. It's a dreamy scene of the duo exploring each other's bodies with licking, fingering and caressing, leading to tribbing and mutual orgasms. At the end as they kiss and cool down, Miss Ariel murmurs, "You really are following the lessons."

Lily greets Miss Ariel, saying "Charlotte sent me." Ariel says, "I think with a little education you could become something special, something powerful. But you just have a little attitude on you, don't you?" Ariel continues, "This is my room, so when we're in here I'm in control. Disobedience will not be tolerated." Lily says, "Charlotte didn't exactly tell me what sort of education I'm supposed to learn from you." Ariel replies, "We teach a variety of things: nutrition," "Sex?" the young lady inquires. "I'm sure Charlotte explained everything to you. Matter of fact, I'm sure she showed you," Ariel contends. "Are you willing to learn? Let me show you. Take your clothing off so I can see you." Lily hesitates, and Ariel continues, "Apparently you're not ready for this, so, there are a lot of girls out there who are keen for this opportunity..." Lily removes her clothes, and Ariel feels the girl's breasts. "So the first meeting is all about me showing you what this is all about. We're going to explore your pleasures." Lily wonders, "I thought you were going to teach me how to please others." "Yes, willingness to please others is a large part of it, so is the determination to learn," Ariel responds. "The lessons you learn here are gonna really help you to please women, but first you need to pursue your own body, your own pleasures." Ariel starts caressing Lily's body. "Has anyone ever made you come before?" Ariel inquires. "Just Charlotte", says Lily. "Well, I want you to cum every time you have sex. That's your first lesson for today." "But how?" Lily asks. "Do you masturbate?" Ariel asks. "Sometimes." "Show me," Ariel demands. Watch the scene unfold...

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