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Studio: AllHerLuv
Approximate Running Time: 01:22:10
Date Added: 2022-07-30
Released: 2021

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Liz (Serene Siren) is upset because her manager has sent Allie (Addison) as her new assistant. Liz is quite the diva but Allie rolls with it as Liz reminisces about her past glories after saying she will give Allie a shot. Liz lets her know what she expects from her and the main lesson is for the sweet petite girl, Allie Addison, to anticipate Liz's every need. Later that night, Liz has a night of terror, something she has from time to time and didn't reveal to Allie, and Allie comes to check on her. Allie stays to comfort Liz all night, and the next morning, Liz berates her for letting her nap in!

Later on that day Liz has a date but gets stood up and, while upset, Allie comforts her. Liz can be quite the personality, yet, Allie still finds that Liz's beauty is irresistible. The sexual tension grows on gnaws at Allie with each interaction until she just can't handle it anymore. They share a quick kiss and then rush off to the bedroom to continue the fun. They continue to make out as they both start to undress, leading to Allie starting to eat out her boss. Liz then returns the favor as Allie moans and groans. Liz then straddles her as they trib before going into a 69. They go back to Tribbing again after this, sweat beading off the skin before Liz goes back to taste both their juices on Allie's lower lips. Liz then tells Allie to sit on her face. Allie, being a good employee, immediately does as she is told as Liz's tongue slides into her. Allie then finishes up by giving Liz one last tongue bath.

Serene (Siren) wakes up in bed, checks her phone, and lays back down until a knock at the door gets her up. She thinks it's her assistant and she's right, but it isn't the assistant she was expecting. It's a new assistant (Laney Grey) and she is startled when she enters until she tells her that she was sent there. Serene is a bit rude and standoffish with Laney until Laney starts to suck up a bit by saying she likes her work. Serene teaches Laney an acting exercise that she learned earlier in her career that she claims helps build intimacy with a screen partner. Laney is practicing meeting people because she was invited to a premiere and Serene lets her pick out one of her old outfits to wear.

After the premiere, Laney sneaks into Serene's bedroom to return some stuff and wakes her up in the process. Serene tells her she should go celebrate, but Laney wants to celebrate with her. Laney then leaves and the next morning gets into a fight over Laney being obsessed about her and the reality that no one really cares about Serene anymore. Serene then puts on a dress and makeup and comes back out to talk to Laney and tell her that she reminds her of herself. They lean in and start to kiss and rub on each other. They continue to engage in foreplay as they undress until they are both naked and Laney is grinding on Serene as they trib/ Serene drops to the floor, leans back, and eats out Laney while she grinds on her face. Serene lays back on the couch next to Laney and eats her out while playing with her nipples. Laney goes back to Tribbing after this as Serene squeezes her ass and kisses her passionately. Serene takes her turn next as she gets on top of Laney and grinds on her hard. They go into a 69 and more making out to finish up.

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Cast & Stars: The Actress

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