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Intimate sex stories featuring some of the hottest lesbians in the business are back to tell some new tales using those devious tails. Beautiful ladies caressing each other, fingering, sucking, makes this lesbian fuck fest a standout feature. Don't miss this one!
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Clip 2 - 37 mins 16 secs

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Comments on Lesbian Sex Toy

Lezzyist says:
Re Ava. I'm always gonna skip a release every couple or so and wait for it to come to the membership site, just to make my Girlfriendsfilms.com membership worth something, and what I'll say is Ava factored into the decision to not get this one early lol
Cramjaw1 says:
I've pretty much loved most of the last dozen GFF releases, but this one felt a little flat to me. Scene one was excellent. Amber Moore was a very pleasant surprise. I love it when the women seem to be paying attention to what they are doing. Not just closing their eyes and licking around blindly. Amber is not only a beautiful women, but also seems to be a solid performer. I look forward to seeing her again. After that the next three scenes just weren't great. The veteran performers were fine, the problem was mostly with their younger partners. Scene two was probably my least favorite of the bunch. I just don't think I'm going to be an Ava Sinclair fan, for a number of reasons. The other two scenes were fine, but nothing I'd ever watch again.
JimS says:
GFF have, obviously, produced a LOT of stuff over the years so hard to be always original as well as believable storylines. IMHO, keep it simple either powerful andor mature characters who are well known seductive lesbians...seducing or being invited to seduce preferably younger, ambitious, confident, or just bicurious women who may e.g. want to gain some sort of social or financial advantage. That general scenario works for me every time because it's credible. The scenarios in Lesbian Sex Toy were fairly believable to be fair, because the girls were already in relationships of some sort and I don't mind scenes when girls are already together...just shame it was Lesbian Love Stories in all but name.
JimS says:
Mixed feelings here. Hot pairings but too much about serious relationships, sentimental music etc. for my tastes. Not exactly sex toys. Would like to see more straightforward lesbian sex, lovers, cheating, bi-curious women being seduced. SCENE 4 was a particularly hot combination and not overly sentimental...shame Mellanie didn't take Mackenzie back to her place, preferably her bed. More positives were good debuts and Skylar S, Reagan F and Kendra J with younger women. Yes, loafenstein, RAYVENESS and Syren Demer, great calls. Imagine them seducing likes of Gracie Gates or Kay Carter.
Loafenstein says:
Love Mellanie Monroe! So happy to see her back. And great pairing with Mackenzie Mace. Of course the sexy Reagan Foxx never disappoints. Her eyes alone can do the trick. Gotta say though, like has been said already, GFF still has a long way to go. Scenes are still rather formulaic and lacking originality or real passion or sensuality. Pairing veterans like these two as well as others like Rayveness or Syren De Mer with the newbies will not only make for better scenes, but will make the newbies better performers in the future.
ThreesCompanyFan says:
Wow the first scene was amazing. Hope to see much more of Amber Moore on GFF.
Ukrainian says:
As long as Reagan is naked, feasting on pussy, it's a great film!
feelhose says:
Was a pretty flat production. Abit up and down GFF these days. Professional enough I guess, but not a lot of passionseduction. GFF still capable of so much though, so still hoping. Weird how GFF directorsproducers don't seem to look at back catalogue and see great scenes...and why they were great.
SometimesImpressed says:
Glad for some OY again. Hope to see Mellanie some more. Loved what the older women did to their young sex toys.
fabfan says:
OK, I am officially giving up on Vanilla Productions aka GF Films. You go snow blind with their latest all-white offerings. Same old, same old, same old at this point. Sad but GF Films has had its day, and they really don't seem to listen to their consumers at all.
katiebcute901 says:
Can you say boring The teaser got me to scan a few of the stories. Here is their teaser.. " hottest lesbians in the business are back to tell some new tales using those devious tails. " what are the new tails. Where are the great GFF plots and stories from the past. Lesbian Chronicles, Twisted Passions, Lesbian Psychodramas. You all know the good ones. Sorry where is the seduction, enticement. Oh weil
JimS says:
I haven't even watched this yet but yes, wow, I concur. Looking forward to seeing this one...
69er says:
Wow. Havent seen M Monroe in GFF since 2014. Great choice to bring her back.

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