Bridesmaids Revenge





Studio: She Seduced Me
Approximate Running Time: 00:28:08
Released: 2022

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Never underestimate the revenge of a scorned bridesmaid. Anna Chambers is out for her pound of flesh so she decides to order herself a sweet treat in the form of petite blonde Coco Lovelock. She puts the squirting little escort through all the paces and fucks her to one shaking orgasm after another.
Clip 1 - 28 mins 8 secs

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Bridesmaids Revenge Clip 1 00:26:40
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Cast & Stars: Bridesmaids Revenge

Comments on Bridesmaids Revenge

bigboss says:
Strangely every female coco has sex with wants her so badly strange because she is tiny, inexperienced , and has no passion what makes her hot is her gonzo capability and at 1730 in this scene licking her own piss off of Annas feet and toes
bigboss says:
I cannot agree more lulu and coco would allow me to die in peace I want coco pee down my throat
69lezpervfrk69 says:
no 69???!!! Coco needs to be paired with LuLu Chu doing Stellar 69 action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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