Lesbian Sex 26





Studio: Girlfriends Films
Approximate Running Time: 03:24:23
Date Added: 2022-07-28
Released: 2022

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Never underestimate the pleasure that one woman can give another. Enjoy eight horny girls and four scenes of arousal and desire with the sexiest beauties from Girlfriends Films. For fine folks with good hearts and curious minds. These are real lesbians exploring their sexual turn-ons with other real lesbian women. Rubbing their pussies together, passionately kissing every inch of their bodies. Real girls, real lesbian action!
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Clip 1 - 55 mins 26 secs

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Clip 2 - 50 mins 9 secs

Lesbian Sex 26 Clip 2 00:59:00
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Clip 3 - 53 mins 51 secs

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Clip 4 - 44 mins 18 secs

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Comments on Lesbian Sex 26

69lezpervfrk69 says:
I should have waited 2 or so months to see this at Girlfriends Films !! for to me scene 2 is it!!
69lezpervfrk69 says:
All Girls Look Very Nice!!!! Hot Sex!!!! Way more Hot 69 action was needed!!!!!
JimS says:
I've given this one a miss, so far, because I've never been a fan of the Lesbian Sex format. Lesbian Sex 23 added storylines but thereafter the series back to its original format. So I can't really comment on the sex but the actresses all look good together. Jade Valentine looks like the kind of actress I like to play the seductress, as does Freya Parker, who I agree is a class act. She has a confidence, and ability to play a woman of authority. Most excitingly, THEODORA DAY makes her debut. Really hope to see her again, hopefully being seduced by the likes of Freya or Skyla Snow, or preferably in an olderyounger scene.
Cramjaw1 says:
I just wanted to stop for a moment and say what an incredible performer Freya Parker is. She was in a scene with a very beautiful, but also very new Corra Cox. At times Corra was maybe getting a little too performative, but Freya would slow her down a little with kissing or eye contact or some other thing. There really aren't a lot of women who can take control of a scene and keep it on the tracks like her. I truly think she might be the best currently in the world of lesbian films.
Capt1 says:
Now that I have bitched about clothes being left on, time to compliment Corra. Beautiful girl who is naked. Her eyes are insane, and I say that in a good way. On top of that, she has Freya to pleasure her. After Freya is done, I will be happy to step in and continue the pleasuring of Corra.
Capt1 says:
Earth to Girlfriends Films...You don't leave fucking clothes on a beauty like Vanessa Moon when she is getting her pussy licked. Totally understand and appreciate all of these girls putting themselves out there and filming porn scenes for us to enjoy, but I find it extremely irritating when I am simply trying to enjoy some beautiful naked women and they are not naked. Is this the new trend with lesbian porn now? It seems like every other scene I try to watch of girl-girl content, clothes are left on.
Lezzyist says:
Scene 4...I thought it was alright. Beautiful girls and willing performers, so that's like 60 percent of the goal there, but honestly, and I know I'm dude, but it didn't look like Theodora knew what she was doing trying to eat pussy. And a little too much of the poke-it-with-your-tongue-like-a-dick stuff from both of them, in my opinion. At one point, it seemed like they were getting into a bit when Theodora was on her back and Vanessa was licking with a fairly consistent rhythm when suddenly there is a cut and they laying with one in front of the other, just when it seemed like what Vanessa was doing might be working. Doubleyou. Tee. Aych. Anyway this was alright. Vanessa and Theodora are attractive and seem willing to try to get into it with women, so they'll probably pull off some really hot GG sex scenes after a bit more practice. Not to be pedantic or mean, but seriously have Freya show Theodora what to do between the legs. Theo's really hot and seems like a total sweetheart, so when she gets her cunni-game up I think she'll be a favorite for a lot of people. On another note, the scenes on the couch were hampered by the couch. The minimal flat space is not conducive to free movement and the limiting vertical bar the back of the couch is an unfortunate co-star. Just my opinions! Scene 2 was OK. Last thing from me, I'm like lezluvah in that I like the unscripted work. For the interviews, I think it might be helpful to dive in more as far as what gets the ladies off and focus on those things for each of them. That might lead to real intense Os that might get missed when just trying to mimic something random from the book. If Vanessa had said, "hey, I like consistent rhythmic clit licks," cause it really looked like she was reacting to the rare moment of consistent strokes, Theo might have made her cum! There's my usual two hundred cents. Thanks yall.
katiebcute901 says:
Tired, Tired, boring and did I say tired. where are the future stars? where are the new Samantha Ryan Shyla Jennings Princess India Summer.
feelhose says:
Freya is amazing as always. Very nice real sex.
rbagg says:
fucking interviews by some idiot and good talent in uninspired scenes.
lezluvah says:
Just watched scene 3, so far. I love the unscripted, straight sex and would like to see more. Id also like to see more freya and Id be happy to see more corra, too.Thanks!
Lezzyist says:
I liked Scene 3 and Freya and Corra actually had a pretty interesting interview. I wish they had gone into the position they showed the camera whe Freya noticed Julia Ann. Beds are vastly underrated i
Lezzyist says:
lol Scene 1 is definitely not for me. I tried to skip ahead to a point where they stop fake moaning, or at least stop synchronizing the fake moans, but there isn't such a point. They are beautiful, but chemistry and sex-wise...this one was not for me.

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