The Plumber Bows Down





Studio: Meanbitch Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:43:37
Date Added: 2022-09-05
Released: 2022

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You are a plumber... you are called out to a house to fix a leaky pipe and meet sexy customer Lola Fae. She starts bossing you around and orders you to crawl under her sink. As you look up at her, she tells you 'you belong down there' and you realize that you are in the presence of someone superior to you. She puts her feet in your face and you helplessly start licking and kissing them. She commands you to worship her perfect little ass and you obey... you are not a plumber anymore... you are a plumber-bitch!
Clip 1 - 43 mins 37 secs

The Plumber Bows Down Clip 1 00:00:20
The Plumber Bows Down Clip 1 00:03:40
The Plumber Bows Down Clip 1 00:28:40
The Plumber Bows Down Clip 1 00:34:40
The Plumber Bows Down Clip 1 00:38:00
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Cast & Stars: The Plumber Bows Down

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