Our Religious Neighbor






Studio: She Seduced Me
Approximate Running Time: 00:53:55
Date Added: 2021-02-19
Released: 2020

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Cheri and her step daughter Kate are very… close. They are constantly having sex so when Kate wants to get out of studying she knows just how to butter her mom up to get her way. Unfortunately for Cheri and Kate, they live next door to Syren a conservative, religious nosey neighbor who appointed herself head of the neighborhood watch. Syren nearly catches Kate and Cheri worshipping each others breasts and even asks Kate is she is being mistreated to which Kate responds firmly "no." Undeterred Syren vows to get to the bottom of what's going on between Cheri and Kate! Through a combination of spying, sneaking and intruding Syren gets into Cheri and Kate's home and catches them in the act. Syren immediately goes to make a citizens arrest to protect teenage Kate from her mothers mistreatment. Kate is adamant that she docent need to be saved and everything is consensual. Kate catches Syren looking at her body during the conversation and she looks back at Cheri for approval. Cheri offers her daughter to her neighbor for sex. Cheri encourages her daughter to seduce their religious neighbor as mom coaches the teen on how to seduce their religious neighbor who cannot resist Kate's young, soft skin and tight teen pussy. Soon Kate gets Syren so wet that Cheri sees her opportunity to move in and get a taste of her hot, religious neighbor for herself!
Clip 1 - 53 mins 55 secs

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Cast & Stars: Our Religious Neighbor

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