Daddy's Pretty Little Stepdaughter






Studio: Penthouse
Approximate Running Time: 01:54:26
Date Added: 2021-01-09
Released: 2020

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Daddy’s pretty little stepdaughter can become such a pretty big problem once she becomes of age and those crazy hormones start flying. Pity the poor stepdad who happens to be alone in the house when she’s looking for ways to satisfy her teenage itch – would you be willing to risk your marriage to get your cock inside a sweet young? Um, is that really a question?

Scene 1: Vanna’s (Bardot) getting married in one hour but she’s got cold feet. It’s not Dan she’s in love with, it’s her stepfather (Tommy Gunn) who she’s always loved. She thinks maybe if they just fucked, she could get it out of her system. Luckily her stepfather is willing to help!

Scene 2: Ryan’s (Mclane) stepdaughter (Gabriela Lopez) has been sweetening him up with cookies. He confesses to her that she’s a better cook than her mom. She confides back to him she’s better than her mom at “many things” and wipes that confused look off his face with a kiss, and a blowjob before opening her legs so she can cook his meat!

Scene 3: Harvey (Mike Mancini) knows his wife’s mad at him for working late, but he’s trying to support her and her daughter. Thinking he’s venting his frustration to his wife he soon discovers it’s his naked stepdaughter, Amy (Alicia Williams), under the covers. She’s looking to get fucked since her mother’s going to divorce him anyway. When you put it like that… hell, spread those smooth young legs apart and let daddy in!

Scene 4: Jasmin’s (Naomi Swann), stepdad (Ramon Nomar) is worried she’s dating the wrong boy and tells her so. But she’s one step ahead of him, because she’s already figured out what she really wants in a man, she wants her stepdad!.. well, at least before mom gets home, so they better get to it fast! Quick, drop those drawers and stick it in her mouth!

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