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Competitive Interns: Aubree Valentine is a professional little intern, and this sexy, dark haired beauty is great at her job! Just as good at it as her hot fellow intern, Robby Echo. But where is all this motivation to do such a good job coming from? Simple! They’re both madly in lust with their busy and busty MILF boss, Becky Bandini, and they will do anything to be the favorite. When the pair’s constant bickering comes to a head, MILF Becky catches them in the act – and she will not put up with such behaviour in the office! And she knows exactly what’s going to mend relationships and improve productivity – a good three-way fuck! She mashes her interns faces together and next thing you know they’re making out like they’ve never made out before. A sexy, threesome ensues at the office. Productivity levels? Higher than ever!

Red With Envy: The beautiful, curvy Vanna Bardot has spent all day setting up a lovely Valentine’s day meal for her boyfriend, Scott Nails. She’s even baked him cupcakes, but that’s not the only treat he’s getting! Vanna gets up on that table and spreads her toned legs wide for Scott, who shoves his tongue in her pussy. Ah, yes, nothing like a romantic evening with just you and your boyfriend… Or so, Vanna thinks. Because her gorgeous MILF stepmother, Lexi Luna, wants in on the romance, too. In a skin-tight, red dress she sneaks up to Scott and gives him a sloppy blowjob as he continues to eat Vanna out, and Vanna is none the wiser. Lexi sneaks off, but she can’t stay away for long, especially when she sees how bad her stepdaughter is at giving a blowjob. Lexi grabs the back of Vanna’s head and teaches her how to give head worth of Valentine's Day! What other tips does she have for this teen? You’ll just have to see for yourself!

A Little Guidance: Alex Jett is a horny tiny guy, so sharing a bed with his schoolgirl cutie girlfriend, Natalie Knight, while they study is almost as hard as Alex’s cock itself! Natalie isn’t very experienced – in fact, she has never even given a blowjob before. She has absolutely no idea what to do with that thing, struggling to get it all in her little mouth. Just when she’s about to give up, the beautiful and busty Christie Stevens gets home and catches the pair getting up to no good. She pulls Natalie off to show her in private how she can have sex next time. Alex joins in, and Christie kindly shows Natalie exactly how to give her boyfriend a proper blowjob. And then, she teaches them about what a proper fuck looks like! They have a wet, juicy threesome as these two beauties share Alex’s enormous cock. Lesson? Learned!

Do Not Fuck Around With My Stepmom: Eva Notty is a tall, blonde and busty MILF who has it made, namely because she’s fucking the cute and toned brunette, Kimmy Granger! But nothing's ever that simple - because Kimmy happens to be the girlfriend of Eva's new stepson - Oliver Flynn. Oof. When Oliver confronts Eva about this, she’s not afraid to grab him by the cock and show him just why his girlfriend keeps coming back to her. While they get down and dirty in the shower, Kimmy shows up, wondering if suggesting a threesome with Oliver's stepmom might be too weird. Little does Kimmy know, Oliver is already fucking his stepmom right in front of her! Kimmy‘s shock wears off pretty quickly and Eva is happy to teach these teens a little lesson in doing it right. Eva and Kimmy take turns fucking and sucking Oliver’s big cock. Kimmy rides Oliver’s cock like a magic carpet while Eva sits on his face and plays with Kimmy’s little titties. And then it’s switch time! No one is left out of this threesome and Oliver cums right in their beautiful mouths as they snowball and share every last drop. Sharing is caring!

I'll Teach You How: What? Blonde girl Emily Right is 18 and doesn't even know how to bathe? Her new step-milf Katie Morgan undresses her and shows her how it's done. The stepmom is pissed. She slaps Emily's butt to make sure she understand how basic the task is. Katie knows the best way to teach something is by showing example. She asks Emily to take her bra off and jumps in the bath with her. Both beauties have great bodies : nice tits, nice ass, cute face. It's easy to understand why Emily turns Katie on. The mother rubs the step-daughter's big boobs, then starts teasing her pussy. They're having so much fun playing with each other's breast that they don't realize naughty Rickie Spanish started spying on them. Emily's boyfriend even films the two girls behind their back. When they finally catch him red handed, he can't escape. Katie thinks it's a good moment to show Emily how to suck a cock. Ricky lends his cut dick to the experiment. Katie supervises the blowjob and gives advice to Emily. Obviously, Ricky fills other holes than the women's hungry mouths. Wet pussies get pounded by the perverted boy. The step-family bond gets tighter when Emily stroke Katie's clit while she rides Ricky in reverse cowgirl. Ricky's tongue gets inside Katie while Emily licks her boyfriend's dick to know what exactly Katie tastes like. When Ricky finally cums at both girls's face, Katie and Emily are not only step-relative, but also fuck friends for life.

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