Stuck Fuck





Studio: Girls Out West
Approximate Running Time: 00:25:51
Date Added: 2021-11-13
Released: 2021

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Whoops! Olive got stuck under the couch! She might be in a tight spot, but golly, we love to see her there with her peachy butt showing under her skirt. Luckily Billie was close by to help her out, but stops to enjoy the view before getting her unstuck. Can you blame her? Billie and Olive pull up their tiny skirts and launch into some grade A lesbian lovin’! You can’t go past two cuties rubbing their cunts together and making each other cum super hard.
Clip 1 - 25 mins 51 secs

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Stuck Fuck Clip 1 00:06:40
Stuck Fuck Clip 1 00:11:40
Stuck Fuck Clip 1 00:14:40
Stuck Fuck Clip 1 00:19:40
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Cast & Stars: Stuck Fuck

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